Why Lufthansa Wins the Prize for Best Airline Evah

We made it to Berlin! It’s like almost midnight or something here (It’s hard to tell for sure what time it is after noon because all the hour numbers on the clocks are higher than twelve, and I refuse to do basic math in my head ever), but that ain’t gonna stop me from telling you about our flights over here. We flew with Lufthansa, which was recently awarded the Prize for Best Airline Evah. This is an award given out by me to airlines that are the best evah. Here is how they won the Prize:

  • They give you hot towels to wash your hands and face before food time.
  • Everyone speaks German and English, so you can listen to the German announcements and then the English translation and pretend you actually know German.
  • “Lufthansa” has the same number of syllables as “Delilah”, so you can sing “Lufthansa” to the tune of the Delilah show’s radio intro while they drive your jumbo jet up to the airport gate.
  • They let you choose from a lot of movies and tv shows to watch, and you can start and stop them whenever you please (United Airlines, I’m giving you the evil eye right now).
  • THE BOOZE IS FREE (I think I frightened one of the flight attendants with my enthusiasm when I discovered this nugget of goodness).
  • The female flight attendants wear yellow neckerchiefs.

I heard a rumor that they also gave out chocolate as one of the snacks, but I was too busy sleeping and carrying on when this supposedly happened, so I didn’t include that in my decision.

So congratulations, Lufthansa! You rocked my international-flight world.

Yellow neckerchiefs, y'all.

Yellow neckerchiefs, y’all.


One thought on “Why Lufthansa Wins the Prize for Best Airline Evah

  1. Elizabeth Walker says:

    I also had a really good experience with KLM on our flight from Amsterdam to South Africa. Free, (basically) unlimited booze, and cookies! And big bathrooms! And I think the same thing about the TVs.

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