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Foster Plantering and Molly’s Great Pepper Recipe Hunt: A Contest!

Greetings, Blogotrons.

When left America, I had to put all of my beloved houseplants (dear jade! lovely Christmas cactus! wonderful aloe vera! I have not forgotten you!) into Houseplant Foster Care. Thankfully the Foster Plant Services placed my plants in two excellent homes: the main office of the University of Arkansas’s English Department and a window sill in my parents’ living room. I have been in contact with the plants, and they all tell me that they are doing well and adapting to their new homes with robust enthusiasm.

Just as I was starting to really miss my American houseplants, I moved into my current apartment, which has 4,000 plants in it. It also has a balcony that is likewise filled to the brim with plants.  When I toured this apartment and saw all the plants, I got really excited about the prospect of taking care of these plants and then blurted out some embarrassing spiel about how much I love plants and oh wow they are so beautiful can I touch them? Then I touched them.

The best part of this new plant situation is that out on the balcony there are 4 million pepper plants. Recently I learned that the German word for pepper is Paprika. And that if you order a Peperoni Pizza in Germany you will get a pizza covered in chili peppers.

My roommate is gone to South America for the next two weeks, and her boyfriend, the primary caretaker for all the plants, said that I could eat all the peppers on the pepper plants if I wanted to. Which I do. But here is the problem: I don’t know how to use peppers to make delicious food.

So I need all of you brilliant Blogotrons out there to unite together under this common goal: find Molly a recipe so that she can use peppers to make delicious food. This task is so important that I have decided to make it into an official contest and give out a grand prize for the best recipe presented to me.

Molly’s Great Pepper Recipe Hunt: A Contest!

Here are the rules for the recipe:

  • It must incorporate at least one of the following types of peppers: tiny yellow peppers, giant dark green peppers, or medium-sized orange, green, and red peppers.
  • It must be delicious.

Bonus points for a Mexican recipe, because I think the word enchilada is what Pavlov used to experiment on his dogs. Bonus points also for a Bavarian recipe, because I live in Bavaria now and it only seems fitting that I should use my Bavarian peppers to make a Bavarian delicacy.

Here are the platforms that you can use to tell me your recipe idea(s):

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • WordPress
  • email
  • carrier pigeon

These peppers aren’t getting any younger, so I will only accept entries postmarked by Wednesday, November 6th, at 11:59 pm Germany-time (which is 7 hours ahead of Central Standard Time, yo).

The winner will receive a special prize mailed to them from me. It will be delightful and will make the winner’s heart sing, just like the winning recipe will hopefully not make my heartburn sing.

So get to it and send me your most delicious pepper recipes!

These are the peppers. Behold big dark green pepper (there are two of these), orange and green and red peppers, and tiny yellow peppers.

These are the peppers. Behold the tiny yellow peppers, the giant dark green peppers (there are two of these), and the medium-sized orange, green, and red peppers. I am not a pepperologist, unfortunately, so your guess is as good as mine as to what specific types of peppers these are.


One thought on “Foster Plantering and Molly’s Great Pepper Recipe Hunt: A Contest!

  1. Virginia says:

    OH MY GOSH. I want to win, but I know that’s impossible. I don’t like peppers and know nothing about them. Good luck with your mystery peppers.

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